RealtyTrac is owned and operated by ATTOM Data Solutions

RealtyTrac Case Study


RealtyTrac is owned and operated by ATTOM Data Solutions. RealtyTrac provides all types of foreclosure listings (pre-foreclosure, auction, bank-owned) as well as current for sale and recently sold properties in 2,200 counties across the United Nations.

Client: Realty Trac
Industry: Real Estate Industry
Services: Software Quality Assurance, Software Testing, and Software Test Documentation

What is RealtyTrac

RealtyTrac is a Real Estate Online and Mobile real estate resource that provides comprehensive property info of properties in US Market. RealtyTrac is used by, Home Buyers, Investors, and Real Estate Agents. It connects customers with professionals in our Agent Network. RealtyTrac is leading provider of publicly recorded tax, deed, mortgage and foreclosure data along with proprietary neighborhood and parcel-level risk data for more than 150 million U.S. properties.

Additionally, RealtyTrac also provides property profiles with extensive background on surrounding communities, including their schools, crime statistics, environmental features, and other factors of vital interest to home buyers and real estate professionals.

Attom Data Solutions has recently acquired Onboard Informatics, the leading provider of neighborhood data through API’sds.

The Design

Keeping web architecture straightforward, innovative and instinctive. We have kept it simple and straight, If a customer comes to RealtyTrac searches for State, City, Zip, Partial Address or Complete address Results are displayed respectively i.e. as per user needs.

RealtyTrac Desktop Site, As per requirement, homepage has direct navigation links for popular cities in United Nations. It is distributed in to ‘Search for Foreclosure Listings by State’, ‘Real Estate in Populate Cities’, ‘Search Homes In Foreclosure’ and many more,

RealtyTrac Mobile Site, The team simplified the website navigation so that if a visitor clicks on the hamburger menu in the top right, they would see Advanced Search using Filters, Saved Searches, Saved Properties etc.

RealtyTrac website is clearly stylishly satisfying.

Client Journey

There were some limitations in Old Website, One of the major was Search and search results were not that accurate and were limited. So a careful planning was needed to change the Search flow, Since it was a major change and RealtyTrac was looking forward for and incorporating ‘Advanced Search’ feature in Website.

RealtyTrac team togetherly came up with the plan of adding Advanced Search option to Website and Changing Landing Pages of Search Results response pages i.e. ‘List View’ and ‘Map View’. This also included Landing to page according to Website Traffic, Last Search response and other filters of Beds, Baths etc. Team also came up with the plan of adding Google Maps, Bing Maps, Google Street View (Panorama and Static), Aerial Map View, and Birds Eye Map for all properties. In addition to this, there were multiple more things to be implemented.

Changes were documented and Approved by Business Team and Handed to Project Manager, Project Manager reviewed it further handed it to Development Team (Development and Maintenance) and Testing Team (Testing and Deployment) with their Respective roles.

HomeDisclosure, a sister site was also lined up by the business team, A completely new website with Fresh Design and which will work on each property for increasing business Revenue. HomeDisclosure report will provide the user with detailed information that can help one make a more informed decision about the home that he is about to buy and Ensure the safety of your family. Similar Plan for HomeDisclosure was also implemented and a successful new Site was made live in December 2015.

After Such Successful Execution more sister sites were made live that are Bright and Trends that were made according to the user point of view, which directly has and positive huge impact on the revenue of the company.

QA and Testing

We followed industry standard QA practices

Understanding what the actual business requirement and QA’ing it as per requirement.

1. We performed Impact Analysis on the website just to make sure which areas will have effect of the Functional Changes/ UI Changes that were being changed This was done using SRS before the changes were made.
2. Creating Test Case according to SRS,
3. Executing Test cases when the website is ready for Qa,
4. Creating issues for Failed Test Cases,
5. Creating issues that are logged in Database (errorlog) and New Relic Tool.
6. Setting the Priority and Severity of issues and assigning to Dev Team,
7. Once issues are resolved performed regression testing,
8. Once Issues are resolved sending back for UAT,
9. Once UAT is completed and it was Ready to Deployment,
10. We were also involved in Deployment process with the IT Administration Team for Deployment,
11. Post Deployment testing is done as soon as Code was released to Prod,
in Addition to this below are the some major items that were tested,

1. PostMan Tool for Testing RealtyTrac Api’s,
2. Checking API that was used by Third Party Website,
3. Agent Leads on Agent Website,
4. Widgets that were made for Third Party use.
5. Tested SiteMap generation and execution for rendering on google.
6. Parcel Streams used on Google and Bing Maps.
7. Using Session Ids in Bing Map.
8. DB Migration (MSSQL Server 2014 to MSSQL Server SQL ).
9. Migration of Data to Cloud.


Since the complete new website was out for customers was out we needed a major marketing stratergy for RealtyTrac and for RealtyTrac sister sites as well.

Marketing Team came up with the plan and distrusted their tasks in to some major tasks:

1. Showcasing the new items.
2. Getting New Leads.
3. What makes us different and better from other RealEstate Website providers in US Market.
4. Re-approaching to the Agents Customers that have stopped using RealtyTrac and letting them know that what they might be missing now.
5. 24*7 support to the customers from respective team. I.e. Directing the customer to the specific team and getting    the work done on top priority basis.