Optimizing Performance for RC Pets - A Scalability Testing Success Story

Empowering ASC Creative’s RC Pets acquisition: Rigorous testing for seamless 10k user support & fast loads. Proactive testing for robust retail experience.

RC Pets Case Study


Client: ASC Creative
Portal: https://rcpets.com
Industry: eCommerce
Case Study: Ensuring the Scalability and Robustness of RC Pets E-Commerce Portal – A Performance Testing Project by TESTRIQ

Client Profile

ASC Creative, collaborated with RC Pets, a renowned e-commerce platform specializing in pet accessories. RC Pets caters to retailers, enabling them to purchase pet products in large quantities. They take pride in delivering innovative, high-quality products that strengthen the unique bond between pets and their guardians.

Client's Requirements

ASC Creative had recently acquired RC Pets and had new business plans and customer offers. They aimed to evaluate the application’s robustness to accommodate the expected surge in traffic. The goal was to support 10,000 users with an average page load duration of less than 5 seconds.

QA Activities

To meet the client’s requirements, TESTRIQ undertook several crucial activities:

1. Test Plan Creation: A comprehensive test plan was developed, outlining the approach, execution strategy, roles and responsibilities, schedule, test cases, risk assessment, mitigation plan, and other details.

2. Test Script Development: Test scripts were created for various scenarios, including user signup, sign-in, product search, product detail view, add to cart, and checkout processes.

3. Load Testing Preparation: Different test sets were established to conduct both demonstration and load testing. Tools for monitoring application, database, and server performance were set up on the hosting server to identify any bottlenecks.

4. Local Test Run: Initial testing was performed on high-configuration local machines with 100 users to validate scripts, reporting, and readiness for actual load testing.

5. Load Generation: To simulate a minimum of 10,000 concurrent users, Redline13, a third-party load testing platform integrated with multiple global servers at various locations, was utilized. This approach eliminated the need to set up extensive hardware and bandwidth resources on-site.

6. AWS Integration: Redline13 was configured with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to execute the load tests on cloud servers.

7. Global Load Testing: The load tests were executed on multiple cloud servers across different global locations, leveraging AWS integration with the test agent.

8. Reporting and Analysis: Status reports of test runs were created and shared with the project team. A dashboard report was extracted to analyze performance and pinpoint bottlenecks.


TESTRIQ’s performance testing project for RC Pets yielded significant outcomes:

  1. Scalability Validation: The application demonstrated robustness by supporting 10,000 concurrent users with an average page load duration of less than 5 seconds, ensuring readiness for the expected traffic surge.
  1. Bottleneck Identification: The performance testing helped identify and address bottlenecks, ensuring that the application could handle the anticipated load without degradation in user experience.
  1. Data-Driven Decision Making: The test reports and dashboard analysis provided valuable insights for further optimization and readiness for RC Pets’ business plans and customer offers.


TESTRIQ’s partnership with RC Pets exemplifies the importance of comprehensive performance testing in e-commerce platforms. By conducting meticulous load testing, we ensured that RC Pets could meet the requirements of both existing and expected user loads, contributing to a seamless and reliable shopping experience for retailers. This case study underscores the significance of proactive performance testing in preparing digital platforms for growth and expansion.