Ragnar is owned and operated by Ragnar Events LLC

Ragnar is a Sports and Fitness Online and Mobile Platform that organizes Marathon Majorly in US and in Some Parts of Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and South Afric

Ragnar Case Study


Ragnar is owned and operated by Ragnar Events LLC. Ragnar Organizes Various types of events such as Road, Trail, Sunset, Sprint, and Trail Sprint. People Running a Ragnar Race are called as Ragnarins. 

Client: Ragnar
Industry: Sports and Fitness
Services: Software Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Software, Test Documentation, and Automation Testing
Website: runragnar.com

What is Ragnar

Ragnar is a Sports and Fitness Online and Mobile Platform that organizes Marathon Majorly in USA and in Some Parts of Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico and South Africa. Ragnar Provides a Platform for Individual Users to run a Day Challenge, a Month Challenge, Elevation Challenge, Night Challenges. Ragnar is the only Provider that Provides Runner and their Team with Glamping Benefits. Glamping Benefit is for a team, that they could spend precious hours hunting down tents, canopies, chairs, coolers, and other Ragnar gear for Themselves and their teammates. Ragnar also provides a Platform for Users running the Races Virtually.

Ragnarins can track their old team-mates’ information from the Online Platform and Invite them for any upcoming races they will be Running. Ragnar also allows Runners to join a team as a Volunteer for a time that they aren’t running and those Volunteers can earn some extra money by Volunteering a Team by performing some Cleaning task once the teams have left for their next location, meet the teams and Provide Water, Refreshments and Protein Bars and Protein Drinks at Exchange Locations.

Additionally, Ragnar supports JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Their strength lies in our exclusive focus and singular influence on the worldwide effort to end T1D. JDRF Mission and Vision is Improving lives by accelerating life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications and to see a world without type 1 diabetes.

The Design

Keeping web architecture straightforward, innovative, and instinctive. We have kept it simple and straight, User looks for the event that is happening in his city and nearby cities, Clicks on Register, Pays the minimal cost of the event and joins the Race as a Captain. User can Join any Race such as Road, Trail, Sunset, Sprint, and Trail Sprint.

Ragnar Desktop and Mobile Site, Once Captain Joins the Race he can Invite Runners/Team Mates and Volunteer required for Running the Actual Race, Once Members and Volunteers joins he can Manage them by assigning Loops or Legs to Runners and Volunteer Can assign tasks to themselves in the according to the loop or leg they are running. Runners can also be Volunteers and Volunteer their team by helping them in tasks while they aren’t running.

Ragnar Mobile Application, On Race Day, Rather than looking for team mates in a bunch of people he can directly contact them by calling from the details that are displayed in App. Once Captain Meets the Runners he can give them their Swag T-Shirts according to their T-shirt Sizes displayed in App.

Client Journey

Ragnar CEO and Engineering Team were not happy with the Old system Ragnar Team always wanted an access Backend Structure such that they can have ease of access to Admin Module also the Old Module was Quiet Buggy and Slow. So rather than resolving the Old one, Testriq Team came up with an Idea of Building a New System for Ragnar that can be less knotty for Customers as well as Ragnar Internal Team.

A whole lot of planning was needed to implement this one and most complicated was Data Migration, wherein we get data from the old Company in form of text files and change it in the new Structure we will be building.

Gathering new requirements from Ragnar Management Team, Implementing our Ideas and Finally we came up with a new platform within a few (2-3 Months) that includes Ragnar CMS, Ragnar Team – Center, Ragnar Hub Platform and Ragnar App. All the Implementation were documented and Approved by Business Team and Handed to the Project Manager, Project Manager reviewed it further handed it to Development Team (Development and Maintenance) and Testing Team (Testing and Deployment) with their respective roles.

Further, Ragnar wanted that their customer would be engaged with the Ragnar TeamCenter Platform, So this time Ragnar Management team wanted to build a Ragnar Challenges Platform they had started it designing, Once Developed, It was handed over to us for QA and Testing. Ragnar Challenges Included Various Events, Such as ‘Chase The Moon’, ‘31 Day January Challenge’, ‘28 Day Feb Challenge’, ‘OutRun Big Foot’, ‘Day of The Girl Challenge’, ‘7Summits Challenge’, ‘Triple Peak Challenge’ and many more.

During Covid -19 Pandemic situation it was not at all possible to organize any event in any part of the World. Ragnar had to do something that their business should still be on the Path. We as a team decided that we should come up with the additional Option of “Ragnar Virtual Challenges” on Team-Center site. Ragnar arranged all the races on their Virtual Platform and had asked their customers to run their part Virtually from Home. In this ‘Work From Home’ situation, Ragnar Came up with the Idea of ‘Virtual Run From Home’. After all Such Successful Executions, Ragnar has a positive huge impact on the revenue.

Additionally, Ragnar Incorporated some of the below items as well:

Ragnar joined hands with Affirm so that their Captains have the option of Joining the event and Minimal charge and pay the rest in EMI’s.

Implemented a new Type of Event Trail Sprint.

One of Ragnar Old Customer died during a run due to a Car Accident and his Family wanted a Race/ Challenge in his memory. Ragnar developed 4 challenges for him namely ‘Star Valley 5k Marathon’, ‘Star Valley 10k Marathon’, ‘Star Valley Half Marathon’, and ‘Star Valley Full Marathon’ Challenge for him and his family and made sure that this will be happening every year. This Marathon happens Once a year and Users Join and as much as they want and all the collected money is Donated.

Organized Events by joining hands with Hands JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Some Part of the total earned Money is directly donated to JDRF which helps in funding type 1 diabetes (T1D).

After all Such Successful Executions, Ragnar is Still planning with some innovative Items that will be definitely implemented soon and which will directly have a huge positive impact on the revenue of the company.

QA and Testing

Understanding what the actual business requirement and QA’ing it as per requirement.

1. We performed Impact Analysis on the website just to make sure which areas will have effect on the Functional Changes/ UI Changes that were being changed. This was done using SRS before the changes were made.
2. Creating Test Case according to SRS.
3. Executing Test cases when the website is ready for QA.
4. Creating issues for Failed Test Cases.
5. Creating issues that are logged in Database.
6. Monitoring processes to ensure they are effective.
7. Keeping adequate records.
8. Checking output for defects, with appropriate and corrective action where necessary.
9. Setting the Priority and Severity of issues and assigning to Dev Team.
10. Once issues are resolved performed regression testing.
11. Once Issues are resolved sending back for UAT.
12. Once UAT is completed and it was Ready to Deployment.
13. Regularly reviewing individual processes and the quality system itself for effectiveness.
14. Post Deployment testing is done as soon as Code was released to Prod.
15. We work in our teams from sprint 0 to find defects as early as possible.
16. We create testing strategies (formal or informal) and involve the entire team in the process.
17. We plan testing activities, carry out testing itself and interpret testing results.
18. Allocate Time Appropriately for each process.


1. Highlighting upcoming Events and Challenges on the Homepage of the website for Ease of access.
2. Keeping the Data of the Runners for all the races they had been part of.
3. Notifying Runners with Emails for discounts on the “Race Prices” and “Ragnar Gears”.
4. Re-approaching customers who aren’t running for a long time.
5. Keeping customers engaged and asking them to Join Free Challenges that happen throughout the year.
6. We have also created separate website where users can design their own t-shirts for the Races with different tools.
7. We have created a virtual Race against the Real once to keep our Runner fit during the Covid-19 Pandemic.