Milton Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottle Case Study

Enhancing the Quality of ‘MILTON Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottle’ with Comprehensive Testing

Milton Case Study

Client Profile

Hamilton Housewares Pvt Ltd. is a prominent player in the homewares industry, known for manufacturing and distributing houseware, cookware, and kitchenware under their leading brands, including Milton, Treo, Claro, and Spotzero.


Hamilton set out to ensure the quality and reliability of their groundbreaking product, the ‘MILTON Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottle.’ This innovative water bottle is designed to measure water consumption and encourage users to stay hydrated by illuminating at specific intervals throughout the day. The company needed to rigorously test the bottle’s functionality and measurement accuracy in conjunction with the companion iOS and Android applications. Testing encompassed various Android and iOS devices, ranging from older to the latest versions.


Hamilton, having collaborated with a third-party development company to create the companion app, aimed to verify that both the ‘MILTON Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottle’ and the mobile application met the expected quality standards. It was crucial to address any issues before proceeding with mass production and market distribution.

Testing Process

Our team undertook a comprehensive testing process that involved evaluating the bottle and application on multiple key parameters:

Connectivity: We examined the connectivity between the ‘MILTON Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottle’ and various mobile devices, ensuring seamless integration and data synchronization.

Functionality: We assessed the overall functionality of the water bottle and app, verifying that they performed as intended.

Measurement Accuracy: Our team scrutinized the accuracy of water consumption measurements, ensuring precision in tracking user hydration levels.

Sample Testing:
To execute this testing, we employed a sample of 20 ‘MILTON Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottles.’ These samples allowed us to assess data synchronization between the bottles and the app across different water levels, connectivity scenarios, calculations, and measurement accuracy.

Key Findings

During our testing, we uncovered several critical issues:

Connectivity Challenges: Under specific conditions, we identified connectivity issues between the water bottle and the mobile application, hindering seamless data synchronization.

Accuracy Concerns: We identified inaccuracies in water consumption measurements, potentially affecting the user’s ability to monitor their hydration levels accurately.


We promptly reported our findings to Hamilton India’s development partner, who swiftly addressed the connectivity and accuracy issues. This collaborative approach ensured that the product and app met the expected quality standards.

Project Duration

The project spanned a three-month period, allowing for thorough testing, issue identification, and resolution.

Testing Tools

To carry out the comprehensive testing, we leveraged various tools, including Bluetooth Sniffer/Analyzer, Android Profiler, Firebase performance monitoring, and Apache JMeter.


Through our diligent testing efforts, Hamilton successfully identified and resolved critical issues in their ‘MILTON Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottle’ and companion application, ensuring that the product met the highest quality standards. This case study underscores the importance of rigorous testing in the development and launch of innovative, technology-driven products, ultimately enhancing the user experience and product reliability.