A Case Study on Enhancing Quality Assurance for Luep

A Strategic Approach to Cross-Platform Testing and Automation

Luep Case Study


Luep, an innovative tech company, has created a comprehensive communication platform and work-sharing space in a single, collaborative hub. To ensure the reliability and excellence of their all-in-one solution, we embarked on a journey to provide quality assurance and testing services for Luep across Web, Android, and iOS applications.

Client Profile

Luep is a trailblazing technology company, offering an integrated communication platform and work-sharing space that promotes efficient engagement and collaboration across organizations.


Luep https://luep.app/, as a pioneer in its field, faced certain challenges that necessitated top-tier quality assurance and testing services:

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Given the multi-platform nature of their offering, it was crucial to guarantee consistent functionality across Web, Android, and iOS applications.

Optimizing Time-to-Market: Manual testing procedures were time-intensive, causing delays in development and releases.

Regression Testing Demands: The frequent updates required extensive regression testing, which was inhibiting the rapid development of new features.

Our Approach

Our mission was to closely collaborate with Luep and design a comprehensive quality assurance and testing strategy, which included the following key elements:

Automated Functional Testing: We developed a suite of automated test scripts to rigorously evaluate the functionality of Luep’s applications on Web, Android, and iOS platforms. We employed different tools and frameworks for each platform,  Selenium, Appium, and XCUITest. The decision to integrate these cutting-edge tools and frameworks into our testing strategy was motivated by their unique strengths and capabilities. With Selenium, Appium, and XCUITest, we addressed our need for comprehensive, efficient, and platform-specific testing solutions, enabling us to deliver top-tier quality and user satisfaction across Web, Android, and iOS platforms.

Cross-Platform Compatibility Testing: We ensured that Luep’s applications operated seamlessly and consistently across various devices and operating systems.

Regression Test Automation: By automating regression testing, We eliminated repetitive, manual tasks, allowing for more efficient feature development.

Key Milestones

The partnership between Luep and TESTRIQ achieved the following significant milestones:

Consistent Cross-Platform Functionality: Automated functional testing ensured that Luep’s applications delivered a uniform experience across all platforms, enhancing user satisfaction.

Accelerated Release Cycles: Automation streamlined the development and release cycles, enabling Luep to introduce new features and updates at a faster pace.

Time and Cost Savings: By automating testing processes, Luep significantly reduced the time and cost associated with testing, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently.


The collaboration between Luep and us delivered numerous benefits:

Enhanced User Experience: Luep’s customers enjoyed a seamless experience across different platforms, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Agile Development: Automation of functional testing promoted agile development practices, enabling Luep to adapt more swiftly to market changes.

Resource Optimization: The automation of testing processes led to significant time and cost savings, freeing up resources for other crucial tasks.

Competitive Advantage: Reliable, bug-free applications established Luep as a market leader, providing high-quality communication and collaboration solutions.


The partnership between Luep and TESTRIQ showcases the pivotal role that automated functional testing plays in ensuring high-quality software products. This case study highlights the importance of comprehensive testing in achieving business success in the digital era and solidifies Luep’s position as an industry leader.