Quality Assurance Partnership for LeadoConnect's B2B Lead Generation Automation Software

TESTRIQ’s QA partnership enhanced LeadoConnect’s B2B lead gen software, ensuring top performance, security, and user satisfaction. Industry leadership solidified.

LeadoConnect Case Study


Client: LeadoConnect
URL: https://www.LeadoConnect.com/
Industry: Digital Marketing
Case Study: Quality Assurance Partnership for LeadoConnect’s B2B Lead Generation Automation Software

Client Profile

LeadoConnect is a leading provider of B2B lead generation automation software with a focus on email campaigns designed to drive revenue growth. Their mission is to help businesses accelerate their revenue pipelines by offering a comprehensive solution that includes strategy, data, technology, and a dedicated team to book more qualified opportunities. LeadoConnect specializes in outbound sales, aiming to achieve sustainable growth for their clients while also reducing the HR burden and lowering customer acquisition costs.

Client's Requirements

LeadoConnect has developed a sophisticated B2B lead generation automation software, and they were in need of a reliable Quality Assurance (QA) partner to ensure the high performance, functionality, and reliability of their software. Given the critical role that their software plays in helping businesses drive revenue growth, they were seeking a QA partner to perform comprehensive testing to identify and address any issues or shortcomings in the application.

The Solution

LeadoConnect engaged in a strategic partnership with TESTRIQ to comprehensively test their B2B lead generation automation software. The QA process involved various types of testing to ensure the software met the highest quality standards.

1. Functional Testing:
TESTRIQ conducted extensive functional testing to ensure that the software’s core features, such as lead data collection, email automation, and campaign management, were working as expected. This testing helped identify and rectify any functional issues that could impede the software’s performance.

2. Performance Testing:
To guarantee that the software could handle the demands of their clients, performance testing was conducted using tools like Apache JMeter. This involved load testing to determine how the software performed under heavy user loads, stress testing to push the software to its limits, and scalability testing to assess its ability to accommodate future growth in user numbers.

3. Security Testing:
Given the sensitive nature of the data involved in B2B lead generation, security testing was a crucial aspect of the QA process. TESTRIQ used manual methods and tools like OWASP ZAP and others to test for vulnerabilities and penetration testing was performed to ensure that client data remained secure.

4. Compatibility Testing:
Since LeadoConnect’s software serves a diverse client base, compatibility testing was essential. This included testing the software on various devices, operating systems, and web browsers to ensure a seamless user experience for all clients.

5. Usability Testing:
The software’s user interface and overall user experience were evaluated through usability testing. This ensured that the software was intuitive and user-friendly, allowing clients to make the most of its features without difficulty.

6. Regression Testing:
To prevent new features or fixes from introducing unexpected issues, regular regression testing was conducted after updates or changes to the software using tools like Jenkins for continuous integration and automated testing.


TESTRIQ’s performance testing project for RC Pets yielded significant outcomes:

  1. Scalability Validation: The application demonstrated robustness by supporting 10,000 concurrent users with an average page load duration of less than 5 seconds, ensuring readiness for the expected traffic surge.
  1. Bottleneck Identification: The performance testing helped identify and address bottlenecks, ensuring that the application could handle the anticipated load without degradation in user experience.
  1. Data-Driven Decision Making: The test reports and dashboard analysis provided valuable insights for further optimization and readiness for RC Pets’ business plans and customer offers.


The partnership with the QA team at TESTRIQ yielded significant results for LeadoConnect:

– The software’s functionality was enhanced, ensuring that it met and exceeded client expectations.
– Performance testing revealed areas for optimization, leading to more efficient and robust software.
– Security testing identified and resolved potential vulnerabilities, fortifying the protection of client data.
– Compatibility and usability testing made the software accessible and easy to use for a wide range of clients.
– Ongoing regression testing maintained software stability through updates and improvements.

By partnering with TESTRIQ, LeadoConnect was able to refine their B2B lead generation automation software, providing a more reliable and valuable solution to their clients. This, in turn, helped LeadoConnect solidify its position as a leader in the B2B lead generation industry.