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Launchpad6 create a suite of contest software products across a range of business areas including sales, marketing, human resources, education and operations.

Launchpad6 Case Study


Launchpad6 is a prominent web application that specializes in creating brandable video and mobile sites for user-generated video contests. To ensure the stability and reliability of their platform, Launchpad6 sought a strategic partnership with Testriq QA Lab for Quality Assurance (QA) and testing activities. Their objective was to optimize their testing processes, guarantee stable releases, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.


Scaling QA Efforts: Launchpad6 was experiencing rapid growth, leading to an increased volume of features and updates. They needed to scale their QA efforts to match this pace effectively.

Diverse Testing Needs: Launchpad6 required a partner who could proficiently manage both manual and automation testing to cover various scenarios, from UI validation to load testing.


Launchpad6 chose to collaborate with Testriq QA Lab as their dedicated QA services provider to address their testing challenges. Testriq QA Lab, offered a comprehensive solution.

  1. Dedicated QA Team: Launchpad6 was provided with a dedicated team of QA engineers from Testriq QA Lab. These experts possessed proficiency in both manual and automation testing. The team seamlessly integrated into Launchpad6’s development cycle.
  1. Comprehensive Testing Strategy:

Manual Testing: The Testriq QA Lab team conducted thorough manual testing to ensure the functionality and usability of the user interface. This involved testing for issues such as broken links, UI inconsistencies, and cross-browser compatibility.

Automation Testing: Automation testing was introduced for repetitive tasks, regression testing, and load testing. This enhanced testing efficiency and reduced the risk of regression issues.

  1. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Testriq QA Lab integrated testing into Launchpad6’s CI/CD pipeline. Automated tests were triggered with each code commit, ensuring that new features and updates underwent rigorous testing before deployment.
  1. Load Testing: To guarantee platform stability even during high traffic volumes, Testriq QA Lab designed and executed load testing scenarios. This helped identify performance bottlenecks and ensured smooth user experiences during peak usage.
  1. Bug Tracking and Reporting: An efficient bug tracking system was implemented by Testriq QA Lab to report, prioritize, and monitor issues. This facilitated streamlined communication between the development and QA teams.


The partnership between Launchpad6 and Testriq QA Lab yielded substantial benefits:

Stable Releases: Launchpad6 consistently achieved stable and predictable releases, reducing post-release issues and customer complaints.

Efficiency: The integration of automated testing by Testriq QA Lab reduced testing cycle times, allowing for more focus on exploratory testing and critical scenarios.

Enhanced Quality: Manual testing ensured that the platform’s user interface and functionality met high-quality standards, while automation testing improved regression testing coverage.

Scalability: Testriq QA Lab demonstrated the flexibility to scale QA efforts as Launchpad6 continued to grow, accommodating new features and updates seamlessly.

Customer Satisfaction: The improved software quality resulted in elevated customer satisfaction, strengthening Launchpad6’s reputation in the market.

In conclusion, the partnership between Launchpad6 and Testriq QA Lab streamlined QA and testing processes, elevated software quality, and ensured stable releases. This collaboration not only addressed immediate testing needs but also provided adaptability for future growth and industry changes.