HomeFacts is owned and operated by ATTOM Data Solutions


Homefacts is the one shop stop where we can hunt for more than 130 million U.S. real estate listing including homes, condos and Townhouse for sale and rent. Homefacts provides comprehensive data like house prices, Fair market rents, school rating neighborhood info and much more.

Client: Home Facts
Industry: Real Estate Industry
Services: Software Quality Assurance, Software Testing, and Software Test Documentation
Website: homefacts.com

What is Home Facts

Homefacts is the main gateway for neighborhood information, offering the most far reaching hyper local informational collections over the U.S. it’s provides accurate and reliable property data of U.S. Market.
It is basically online site which provides information about U.S based properties .It endeavors to spare homebuyer’s time and keep them educated when influencing one of life’s most imperative choices by making the area to inquire about process as simple as could reasonably be expected.
Additionally, Homefacts provides Comprehensive and accurate data regarding more than 30 key local data sets such as schools, local crime rates, environmental and health hazards and so on.
HomeFacts is owned and operated by ATTOM Data Solutions. Attom Data Solutions has recently acquired Onboard Informatics, the leading provider of neighborhood data through API’s.
Key aspects of using Homefacts:
Know Your Neighborhood.
Informing Homebuyers.
Local Due-Diligence.
Homefacts Alerts.

The Design

The Design of Homefacts is quiet simple and easy to use, Using HomeFacts one can get information of Neighborhood Data, Local Schools, Environmental Hazards, Sex Offenders, Demographics, Crime Rating etc.
Homefacts allows user to make complete Zip, City, State, and County Search. In addition to this it also searches using Full Address Search, Partial Address Search.
As Homefacts is majorly depended on data it has direct navigation links for Property Reports, Air Quality, Environmental Hazards, Earthquakes, and Demographics etc. Related to Properties it has direct navigation links Popular Cities in United States.
Homefacts Site is Mobile Responsive as well i.e. User can use this same site on Mobile, Mobile site has a Hamburger Icon which simplifies and gives same information as displayed in Header menu. Major Advantage of having a responsive site user can have the same links and menus and he doesn’t have to look for the same elsewhere.
Using Free Alert SignUp, which is major function of Homefacts, User can get information of some specific saved properties on his email. This is an System generated auto email so this email is received weekly and also provides monthly report of the same.

Client Journey

As Homefacts Site is mostly depends on data, Homefacts team together came up with the plan of adding one of the functionality and major change has been incorporated within HomeFacts when it introduces ‘HomeAlerts functionality.
HomeAlerts functionality facilitate the user by sending free alert e-mails which notify about changes in neighborhood that could impact safety and the value of home, including changes in home value and nearby criminal offenders.
Team also came up with the plan of adding Google Maps, Bing Maps, Google Street View (Panorama and Static), Aerial Map View, and Birds Eye Map for all properties. In addition to this, there were multiple more things to be implemented.
There were a few confinements in Old website, another major was Search, as Search result were not that precise. After proper planning, search flow has been changed which provides precise search results for Full address Search, Partial address search, City, County, State and ZIP.
There are 30 different modules on Homefacts showing properties as well as neighborhood data. Data and design of modules are evolved over the period of the time. As per changing requirements of clients, business team focuses on updating of latest data and restructuring the design of modules and these changes get incorporated with Homefacts successfully.
After this implementation done, we performed
1.Compatibility Testing: Perform Compatibility testing to ensure Homefacts is capable of running on different operating systems such as Windows, MAC, network environments and Mobile devices.
2.Cross browser testing to Check all the functionality of Homefacts is working properly on different browsers such as Safari, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer.
3.UI Testing: To ensure Homefacts site is user friendly and looks and feel of site is attractive to the user.
4.Regression Testing: to check changed functionality does not impact the unchanged functionality.
5.Retesting: Changed functionality has been corrected properly.
API testing has been started which provides neighborhood data of different local data sets through API’s, so we performed API testing using POSTMAN to check correctness of Response generated by API by comparing it with Homefacts site data.

QA and Testing

We followed industry standard QA practices

Understanding what the actual business requirement and QA’ing it as per requirement.

1. We performed Impact Analysis on the website just to make sure which areas will have effect of the Functional Changes/ UI Changes that were being changed This was done using SRS before the changes were made.
2. Creating Test Case according to SRS
3. Executing Test cases when the website is ready for Qa
4. Creating issues for Failed Test Cases
5. Creating issues that are logged in Database (errorlog) and New Relic Tool.
6. Setting the Priority and Severity of issues and assigning to Dev Team
7. Once issues are resolved performed regression testing
8. Once Issues are resolved sending back for UAT
9. Once UAT is completed and it was Ready to Deployment,
10. Post Deployment testing is done as soon as Code was released to Prod
Addition to this we Tested,

PostMan Tool for Testing Homefacts API
Checking API that was used on Website
Widgets that were made for Third Party use
Tested SiteMap
DB Migration
Migration of Data to Cloud


Since HF data is so well organized, HF Team decided to sell data through API’s for revenue.
Another option for collection of revenue in Homefacts is through Lead submission where user can directly contact with Real Estate Agent from Website’s Property Pages.
Google advertisements are also incorporated with HomeFacts site for more revenue collection.
As this approaches are assimilated for revenue collection:
Daily Visitors Increased.
Daily SignUp count increased by approximately 50% as in place of one website.
Subscription count was increased.