Brandify is an industry-leading provider of digital marketing solutions

Brandify Case Study


Brandify (formerly known as Where2GetIt) powers more than 300 brands and serves more than 4.5 million brick and mortar locations. Brandify has channel strength that reaches millions of consumers around the world.

Client: Brandify
Industry: Digital Marketing
Services: Software Quality Assurance, Software Testing, and Software Test Documentation

What is Brandify

Brandify is an industry-leading provider of digital marketing solutions focused on locations that help brands communicate with their clients. It gathers data and delivers strategy and tailored solutions to help brands optimise their online presence and drive consumers to their locations.

Additionally, Branding includes the brand score network, scalable local SEO, local ads, mobile-local technology and local-social marketing tools in the creation of local marketing solutions.

Brandify acquired Street Battle, a widely respected publication with articles , reports, and activities covering the intersection of technology and local commerce. Street Battle manages publication and provides thousands of readers with breaking news and thoughtful commentary on industry developments, mergers, acquisitions, and notable trends.

Client Journey

Mobile devices and voice search are among some of the most quickly growing technologies, while also being some of the most underutilized by brands to this point. Brandify made sure to integrate this technology so the client will have a pleasant experience, this was missing in the older website of brandify.

Brandify is beginning to see customer habits shift and are seeking to experiment with different methodologies for implementing budding technologies in order to reach these customers, such as Voice assist, they are designed to provide the best answer to any given question. When it comes to queries for local businesses, the best businesses are the ones most voice assistants will tell you about. And of course, consumer reviews are one of the primary ways to identify which businesses are considered best.

QA and Testing

We adopted traditional industry QA standards, understanding what the actual company requirement is and QA’ing it as required.

Our process includes, writing & executing test cases and tracking them in testrail.
Understanding the requirements and Epics by going over it and contacting developers over complications to minimize time delays and facilitate efficiency.
Stand-up calls to make sure daily progress is tracked.
Detailed description of bugs reported which includes
Summary, Description, Steps to reproduce, Actual, Expected, Screenshot / Video, Device Details, OS Details, Priority / severity status
Automating test cases which falls under regression testing making sure the basic functionality works whenever there is a release or change in code.
PostMan Tool for Testing Api’s.
Deployment of code into different environments through Circle Ci.
Database testing via postgresql tools.


Brandify has been named “Leading Location Technology for Marketing” in Corporate Vision’s 2020 Corporate Excellence Awards. In choosing Brandify as the winner in this category, Corporate Vision acknowledged the company’s best-in-class technological capabilities as well as the expertise and dedication of Brandify management and staff.

Brandify is built to put all your digital marketing needs in one place. The Brandify Dashboard allows multi location businesses to view all their online business listings, monitor online reviews for each location, analyze keyword performance for SEO as well as page rank, and more: Analysis of all these channels and categories result in a Brand Score, the “report card” for your brand to gauge the effectiveness and health of your digital marketing efforts. Brandify can then offer suggestions for improving a Brand Score, using technology and the insight of our team to improve the effectiveness of those digital marketing efforts.