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Regression Testing is one of the many methods used in the field of software testing. Software testing is carried out to ensure that the software is error-free. There can be failures or glitches encountered during the development phase of the software. These errors affect the efficiency and working of the software and thus have to be resolved.

Regression testing services include methods in which it is made sure that any recent changes in the software or its code do not alter or affect its features. The process includes the re-use of test cases to ensure proper functionality.

Carrying out regression tests help to improve the quality of the product by also ensuring that any bug problems are fixed and the issues do not occur again.

TESTRIQ is one of the many software testing companies that offer regression testing services.

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Regression Testing – What do we test!

We aim to provide services that are efficient and accurate. Regression tests are carried out in two ways. First, Regression tests that ensure that recent changes haven’t affected the features and working of the software and second, Final Regression tests that validate that software is fully functional. Regression tests are classified into three subcategories. They are as follows,

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    Unit Regression

    Each unit is tested individually in the unit testing phase itself. The testing for the code is carried out in isolation.

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    Partial Regression

    It is carried out to make sure that even after the changes made, the software code is functional.

  • computer-network-1878_39828809-88f9-48e1-9a76-61c99401ec99

    Complete Regression

    It is carried out to ensure the working of software when changes have been made in more than one module. It is a collectively assessing process.


How do we test?

Selecting a proper regression test is as important as the entire process. It requires knowledge about the system, frequently known areas of a defect, critical nature of the features, and many other things. The steps that are usually included in a regression testing technique are as follows,

  • Selecting the tests

  • Choosing the correct tool for the process

  • Verifying the progress by using checkpoints.

  • Managing updates when required

  • Scheduling tests

  • Integrating and analyzing the reports

The testing methods used by us include manual tests along with automated tests that are carried out by using several open source and commercial tools.

It is ideal to conduct a regression test at the end of functional testing, right after the sanity test.

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