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Desktop Application testing is the most crucial type of testing. This type of testing involves multiple devices with divergent configurations. The process is tedious at the same time highly complex to test a desktop application built operating a specific configuration program to be tested on contrasting programs having a different configuration. Our teams are well accoutred with the competency to derive test cases and utilize them thoroughly without leaving a mini aspect uninspected. Our team has active experiences on variant testing tools and extensive knowledge of different domains assists us to provide the desktop application testing services in a very prudent manner.

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Desktop Applications Testing – What and how do we test!

Here is a quick insight into how we work and have become an esteemed name in the market of Desktop Applications Testing Companies:

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    High Quality Testing

    The high quality provided by us is well-checked and the desktop applications are tested multiple times to make sure they work perfectly. Diverse operating systems are used to test applications with different screens and configurations. Our teams are so skilled that they have become flawless in finding out compound issues on multiple applications. We ensure you that we use the best technique for non-automatic testing guaranteeing reliable tested applications.

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    What we Test?

    The various types of Desktop application testing services provided by TESTRIQ are Regression Testing, Usability Testing, Functional Testing, Software installation testing, Accessibility Testing, and Compatibility testing. Our Localization and Globalization testing is widely established and acclaimed. Along with this our user experience testing can give you the right insight on your user perception of a specific product. All these types of testing are done using the recent technology by experts with the best instruments and practices for structured desktop application testing which only magnifies the value of the application adding cost-efficiency along with the correct time framework.

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    How we test?

    In the initial test stages, we reduce the occurrence of risk by implementing a wide-ranging of tests to completely study the application and its functionality to spot any kind of blockage and prevent it. Any kind of remedial measure is applied then and there, and the deep study of the application also helps us to identify any fault which can be redone. This improves the software quality and secures it in such a way that it is ready to be presented in the market. The client is also provided with a timely report of the testing, so they are also well-aware.


Why Choose TESTRIQ?

  • The reason why you should choose our company for your desktop application testing is firstly the people who are experts in this area are only hired and their testing abilities are top-notch in this field.
  • So, when it comes to hiring staff, we look for the best ones which will give us the right input. We are always concerned about our client’s satisfaction. Whatever you demand we supply, so when it comes to desktop application testing, we try to do multiple tests before we present you the final output.
  • The quality that is found in TESTRIQ is incomparable because of the highly dedicated and trustworthy engineers who make sure our company gives out the best in the market and so we maintain the stature through our quality outcomes.
  • And lastly, our wide experience in this field gives us an upper hand and great knowledge which proves fruitful for the customer because of the reliability that we ensure and the feeling of safety they get when they approach TESTRIQ .
TESTRIQ are always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of our company rather than an external supplier.
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