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Other than the compliance services, the real need for any kind of application is its accessibility which ensures comprehensiveness of a differently-abled population and remains as a societal authority. We with our expert team at TESTRIQ we primarily focus on setting up your application to be easily accessible among everyone, even among those with specific limitations. We promise to offer you only with the best Web Accessibility Services that not only ensures your brand promotion and rise in popularity rather increases the number of users who are connected to you.

Website Testing – What and how do we test!

Have a look at what we test and How we test?
Conduct accessibility testing

You might be wondering about the tests. We, with our most expert team conduct accessibility testing for your applications. The expert team of TESTRIQ with profound knowledge about Web Accessibility Testing Services ensures to give you only the best by undergoing all the practices that are needed for the betterment of the same. Our team is also focused on the interactions of web technologies and conduct the testing as per the user groups.

User experience

It readily increases the entire user experience helping to fill the gap between technical appliers. Even, the essential components are also taken into account to conduct the full testing of the accessibility services. Screening along with gadgets based inspections and evaluation is followed by the respective code reviews. With TESTRIQ, you are getting the full assurance of a standard process.

Experienced workforce

Our experienced workforce is always dedicated to coming up with the best results only. For ensuring a better experience, we aim at the interaction between the client and the team as the accessibility is prepared accordingly. Existing bug issues or any other major factor is also detected through the implementation of further processes. Remote testing is conducted too, followed by further analysis and recommendations. We make sure to provide your application with complete accessibility and detailed testing plans are made up too so that the requirements are easily won.

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