At TESTRIQ Academy, we focus on quality training for software testing. With the team of eminent faculty in the field, we are proud to offer quality courses to our candidates. We have launched our training program on QA and Software testing for IT candidates and other students. The program is a certification course, set up to help the aspirants in their pursuit of becoming a QA analyst.




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Learn Mobile App Testing

Mobile app and software testing services are of high demand these days. It enhances the consistency and overall performance of the device. Specialists conduct the testing operation to fix bug issues, evaluating the unit wise performance of the device. Students get to learn the art of mobile testing under the exclusive guidance of specialists and brush up sessions at TESTRIQ Academy. The program involves all the steps to become an expert mobile software tester. You get to learn the strategizing policies of testing, usability and functional interpretations, user interface, configuration, security testing methods, performance evaluation, and more.

Real Project

Real Project
After the training period, aspirants get exposure to real-life projects. Working with industry experts in real-time client projects, help you develop sound practical knowledge. You imply your learning theories to come up with quality solutions. Real-life projects are highly significant to create a warm relationship between the youths and the firm.

Working with Industry Experts

Working with Industry Experts
At TESTRIQ Academy, we tend to make the journey of the candidates smoother. They are benefitted with the opportunity to interact with experts and seek guidance for a complete learning experience. A hand on knowledge from the company of long term professionals is beneficial. Aspirants’ betterment is our main focus.


Why Choose TESTRIQ?

Job Experience

We always aim to help the candidates reach their goals, offering them quality assistance. Candidates with a promising performance in the live assignments, often get placement opportunities. Work experience of three months definitely adds extra value to the resume. Moreover, they gain better workplace skills.

To Conclude

We promise to make the training period at TESTRIQ Academy, packed with learning lessons, practical sessions, and fantastic live projects. By the end of the journey, you become a pro in automated mobile testing methods. You learn to handle all sorts of software testing stuff in any domain and become well equipped with the testing tools.

Learn to Handle Various Mobile Devices

Mobile app testing services are of high demand in the market today. Software testing holds crucial significance to keep the mobile app safe and up-to-date. The training program at TESTRIQ Academy makes the candidates well equipped to face the market challenges all like a boss! You become pro in:

1)  Automated testing services 2) Close platform testing pieces of stuff 3) Performing perfect checks and assuring quality 4) Completing the software analysis correctly in a short time 5) Proficient analysis of hardware

The tester is easily able to optimize the business, ensuring quality checks, and complete customer satisfaction.Enroll today to master the app testing ways!

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