Test Data Management Services

Test Data Management Services

Test Data Management Services

Test data management is a method used to create dummy datasets and test a program or software on it before actually using that software for the actual dataset of an organization. This method is adopted in the testing phase to make sure that the software can function efficiently on providing different sets of information.

Such data management services are specially offered by certain organizations and companies that work in the domain of Trial and testing. Such companies are referred to as data management service companies. These companies act as a middle man between the software manufacturers and the potential software users/ buyers and help to provide them with quality services.

TESTRIQ is one such company that offers testing services in a number of domains including data management services, load and performance testing etc.

What do we test?

Test data management service companies provide a number of varying facilities based on the type of data being used in correspondence to every possible requirement and outcome of the software being tested. Test data is the one that is used during the process. It can be categorized into three types as:-
Normal Use Data

It is the ideal type of data that would lead to the smooth functioning of the software, without any failures or errors.

Borderline/Extreme Data

It is the type of data that is not ideal for software to function efficiently but it can still be used by the software with minimum or no errors.

Invalid Data

It is the type of data that is totally rejected by the software, which raises a lot of failures or errors.

How Do We Test?


The process of test data management is carried out in a particular order and a number of chronological steps. These steps help and speed up the process of software testing. They are as follows:
Exploring the test data

It is necessary to gather the correct type of data that can be tested on a particular software.

Validating test data

For the testing process to be accurate, it is necessary that the test data should be validated first.

Building test data for Reusability

A reusable dataset can ensure cost-effectiveness.

Automating test data management tasks

A number of activities required in the data management process like scripting, cloning, etc. can prove to be more successful due to automation.

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