Telecommunications Industry

Telecommunications Industry

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Communication is the key to human survival and therefore the telecommunication industry is one of the most important industries for mankind. It is due to this industry that communication between people in distant lands is possible.

The telecommunication industry uses electromagnetic waves for communication and it. Therefore, involves systems and software which are necessary for the conversion of these electromagnetic waves. The messaging apps, the email software, live chat systems, FTPs and VoIP, etc. are what make the telecommunications industry.

What Do We Test?


TESTRIQ has worked with well-known companies in the telecommunications industry. We have been serving the industry for the past 10 years and we look forward to extending our services to more and more companies.

Testing Services

Our team of professional testing experts is committed to detect every possible bug that might be present in the software and get it fixed within time. We conduct comprehensive testing of software so that you have the best experience with the software.

Our Services 

 Our services range from Quality Assurance and Testing Services to IT support and Consultancy, from providing Cyber security to developing custom software, we do not leave anything untouched.

Why Choose TESTRIQ?


Due to the various testing services available in the market, it is difficult to choose which is best. But, the answer to why choose us lies in the features and amenities we serve to our customers. Apart from the standardized process, we provide our customers with the following additional advantages:-
Requirement Analysis

This involves the reviewing of all the requirements and documentation that are required for the software.

Preparing for the Test

Once the reviewing work is done, our QA experts look forward to checking if the components of the software are functioning properly. It is checked if the software is working according to the plan and whether it would be able to satisfy the client’s needs.

Execution of Test or Cross-checking

Once all these processes are done, our experts again go through a second sound of checking the software for assurance. If any bugs are reported at this stage they are fixed by our professionals.

End of the Test Cycle

After complete assurance that the software if running well, we hand over the software to the clients for the better growth of their business.

Why Choose Us?

TESTRIQ is not just a commercial company. We believe in long-term relationships and therefore serve our clients with the best services. Our services are like no other companies. With an expert professional on board, a separate IT Team for consultancy, and 24×7 services all 365 days of the year, do you need any other reason to choose us? We are dedicated to serving you for the last 10 years and would do so for the coming years as well. So if you want the best software testing services served with trust and expertise, TESTRIQ is the answer to all your queries. This software is extremely important for the telecommunication industry as it is through them that all the messages are transmitted either through wires, the internet, or signals. Proper maintenance of this software is necessary to keep the telecommunication industry running. TESTRIQ QA Lab is a maverick software testing company in Mumbai providing its clients with economical software testing solutions.

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