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Security Testing Services

TESTRIQ - Security Testing Services

At TESTRIQ, our security testing services make sure all your data and your software application, websites, and enterprise systems are secure at the same time it is functioning properly. The technology is advancing every day which means as we are innovating new things and programs at the same time some illegal activities are also being carried out to attack your security and sabotage it. We have a special team built which are experts in this field and their deductive skills tell us how the violators’ mindset works and beforehand we safeguard your data to prevent any type of attack.

Security Testing – What and how do we test?

Here is a quick insight into how we work and have become an esteemed name in the market of Security testing companies:
What we test?

When it comes to business being 100% sure about your safety is very essential because whether it is a start-up or a high-end business every kind can get deeply vandalized which will completely stamp out the companies image and cause way too many problems. Testriq is a security testing company that secures your software internally as well as externally through various vulnerable testing of all your application and data. Application security and infrastructural security both are being tested thoroughly for any kind of jeopardy through our security testing services.

Some Typical Application Attacks

Some of the typical application attacks are authentication attacks, system dependency attacks, brute force, common password, etc, input attacks, corrupt or missing file, Design attacks, SQL injections and buffer overruns, Cryptographic Attacks, Business Model attacks, Information Leakage attacks, faulty process validation and cross site scripting attacks.

How we test?

Our agenda by highly specialized experts is that we deploy manual and automated methods to find out vulnerabilities in the application at runtime and dynamically in terms of understanding your application’s source code for safety inadequacies. Once the testing is completed fully, we provide you with a full report along with remedies on how you can secure your safety issues. Our security testing services unique and customized which makes it stand out and the client experience is highly satisfactory.

Why Choose TESTRIQ?


Today approaching a security testing services company has become mandatory for any kind of business because it has become too easy to violate privacy, pilferage someone’s data, and undermine their image.

No matter what type of company you are, having a partner that assures you the security you need and someone you can rely on to maintain your brand stability has become very essential. TESTRIQ is a great choice if you are looking for one because of our thorough research and solution on this stream we are able to gauge this problem in a discreet manner and find out the right key to prevent it.

Our one of the main aims is quality customer service and when security is involved then we tend to go through great lengths to provide you with the best support.

Our experience and knowledge will not disappoint you and create a sense of reliability where you can trust us with your software application. We have maintained a stature as one of the best security testing companies in the market and we make sure to live up to it.

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