Performance And Load Testing Services

Performance And Load Testing

Performance And Load Testing Services

Having a performance issue within your application can be highly damaging for the company’s reputation and therefore TESTRIQ’s performance testing services will be the solution to your problems. The performance testing of the applications is very essential to intuit application functionality and to apex the performance and expandable levels. With our testing services we will assist you to predict your application operations and performance in an authentic environment, which will save you from distressing events thereafter, that will disappoint the customers and largely knock down your profitability.

What and how do we test!

Here is a quick insight into how we work and have become an esteemed name in the market of Performance And Load Testing companies
Certified Services

A black Friday sale or a product release can be top load days where with our service we certify you that the application will be reliable and responsive to such events. This will largely impact your future events as well. Through our real-life simulation of peak loads, we are good at identifying any type of performance issue. Though we base our load and performance testing services as per our clients, we also use cloud-based load creator and can locate a gamut of solutions which will quickly figure out the bottlenecks and constraints in software by using an organized profile of tests.

What do we test?

The process of our performance testing goes in such a way that first, we analyze the whole system and identify the possible bottlenecks in the application. Then we build it by finding our various issues that need remedies. A dry run is being done which if successful then execution is taken place. Lastly, analysis and reports are being prepared for the testing.

How do we test?

The performance testing services are done by identifying the issues on websites or business applications before they are presented in the market or before any kind of peak load on special occasions. Once this is done, we precisely scale the abilities of structure which will support the extraordinary transaction volumes. What effects does this load will create on your server and measuring of such load is done under real-life conditions? We also involve our clients by giving them live testing through screen share. This develops the client’s trust and creates more reliability in our company.

Why Choose TESTRIQ?


Because of our dedicated team and their expertise, TESTRIQ is able to provide one of the best load testing services. Our main aim is client satisfaction along with quality services for which we have a resolute idea that resonates with our actions and gives the best outcomes.

Our teams are made in such a manner that the allocation of work is done by studying the workers’ specifications which gives us an idea about how they will give us the right performance.

TESTRIQ has been in this business from a long time and the experience brings in a good knowledge of the work they are doing. When it comes to your load and performance testing services, multiple tests are taken before determining if they are ready to be launched or not.

Maintaining the client’s image in the market is our duty and we take it very seriously by providing top-notch services which makes us well-grounded and definitive.

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