Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry

TESTRIQ – One stop solution for testing and quality assurance services!

The TESTRIQ QA lab is a private company that was established to help businesses increase their productivity. Our mission is to become the pioneer in IT services and help businesses expand themselves. Our team of experts understands well the needs and requirements to provide them with services that bring fruitful and productive results.

We have been in the industry for the past 10+ years and have expanded ourselves into varied industries. Today, we aim to provide the best QA, Testing, and IT Support services at the best prices. Our team continuously strives to build new methods and strategies to get the work done.

What do we test and how do we test?

Customer Services

We are a company offering various testing services. Along with the testing services, we do offer quality assurance services. The various testing services we offer are Functionality testing, Integration testing, Load testing, Performance testing, Formulating strategies for planning of investments, Website security analysis, Benchmarking, Testing the documentation, Installability testing, Boundary value analysis, Acceptance testing, etc.

Testing Services

In these 10+ years, we have not only built various testing services but also have expanded these services into various domains. Today, our services are extremely useful and helpful to clients from various domains like Healthcare IT, Government, Insurance, Telecommunications, Real estate, Blockchain, Financial services, etc.

Our Services 

Our team is excellently skilled in Automation testing services, Compliance testing services, Web accessibility testing services, Desktop application testing, Security testing services, Data management services, API testing services, Data migration testing services, and Cloud application testing services.

Our team always thinks out of the box when it comes to developing new strategies for testing procedures. The out of the box thinking assisted with innovative technology helps us in achieving excellent testing services.

Technically we Cover

The tools we use and the technology we incorporate into them is what defines our testing processes. We use all popular Opensource and commercial software testing tools, Software test management tools, Project management tools, Productivity tools, Communication tools, Time & Task management tools, Status reporting tools in our day to day activities.

Thereby, with the various software tools, we not only provide the right testing services, but we also help them in increasing the client’s productivity. The applicability of these tools is vast and is used in various domains like Insurance, Government, Retail, Internet, and Social media, Telecommunications, etc. Our team is well experienced in handling the various testing tools and therefore the goals of quality assurance and testing services are achieved.

Why Choose TESTRIQ?


Are you looking for a dedicated and committed team? Do you want the right services at affordable prices? Are you hoping for growth and an increase in productivity for your business? Then, TESTRIQ is the best choice ever.

The reasons why you need to choose us for your business are the culture, moral values, and principles of the company and commitment of the team towards your business growth. Apart from that, we use the latest technology to implement our services. All your requirements are well understood by our team members and aid you in experiencing immense growth.

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