1. Well designed & furnished work area with natural lights
2. 100+ Sitting capacity
3. Dedicated parking for all office personnel
4. Dedicated server rooms
5. State of art conference rooms with video & audio conference facilities
6 .Secured wireless network facility
7 .24/7 backup power availability
8. The detailed disaster recovery plan
9. The detailed Business continuity plan
10. Version control System
11. Regular onsite & offsite backup

Hardware & Software

1. Desktops, Laptops, Workstations with genuine licensed software as per client requirements
2. Windows/Linux/Mac Clients
3. All popular iOS, Android, and Windows Mobiles and Tablets for Testing
4. Specially designed dedicated Storage for Mobile devices

Servers & OS Environments

1. Cloud-based demo server for application demonstration as per project requirement
2. Various distributions of Linux


1. All windows servers & clients protected by antivirus endpoints & managed centrally
2. Biometric access control systems

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