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Government Sector

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The company Testriq QA lab is a private software company with the headquarters located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our company offers excellent Quality Assurance support to the clients with the use of the right innovative technology and the agile methodologies. Our company is best known for its marvelous testing services and quality assurance services.

With 10+ years of experience in the field, our team has become great expertise and is ready to make the impossible possible. The management team of our company is responsible for the huge success of the company. We, thereby, aim to provide the clients with services that can help them grow their businesses efficiently.

What do we test and how do we test?

Testing services

We, as a QA Testing lab, provide various testing services and quality assurance services. The various testing services we offer include Functionality testing, Integration testing, Regression testing, Usability testing, Accessibility testing, Compatibility testing, Maintainability testing, Stability testing or Load testing, Fuzz testing, Destructive testing, Performance Analysis, Security testing, etc.


We have been into various fields and are experts in providing the services. Today, we are a pioneer in all industries like Healthcare IT, Adult education, Financial services, Entertainment, Government, Insurance, Sports and Events, Retail, Transportation, Logistics, Hospitality, Network, Real estate, Gaming, Social Networks, eLearning. Therefore, with the varied testing services, we have extended our footprint into various industries.


The software tools we use contribute greatly to the successful testing and quality assurance services. We incorporate innovative technology into these tools and implement the methodologies in such a way that we obtain productive results. Our team is always conscious of the tools we use, the technology we use, and the methodology we implement. Our testing procedures are extremely safe, workable, and easy to understand.

We are a company that provides all the services in one place. Our team of experts renders full technical support to the clients. The right innovative technology that we use for testing services is a great help to the successful testing operations.


We have expertise in various popular opensource and commercial software testing tools. The exceptionally beneficial features of this software also contribute to the success of the testing procedures.

Thereby, we help businesses create value for themselves by understanding their needs and requirements. The principles and moral values that our company believes firmly are a great source of strength and drive all of us to perform effectively and efficiently.

Why Choose TESTRIQ?


We are a company that offers varied services at reasonable and fair prices. Our team is extremely dedicated and committed to the vision and mission of the company. Our company has a team that is exclusively dedicated to providing technical support to clients.

We have excelled in every industry that caters to Government needs, Healthcare IT, finance, education, entertainment, etc.

Our team thinks in a unique way while implementing the testing procedures. The effective thinking process and the latest technology we use are the unique features of our company.

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