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Globalization and localization testing made easier with the assistance of TESTRIQ

With companies expanding their horizons to worldwide audiences, a lot of opportunities and challenges come along with this. Integrating a new culture with its diverse differences or targeting a specific region is quite tasking.

This is where the globalization and localization testing service that our team provides comes into the picture. If you are trying to take on the whole world or just a new location, we make sure that the customers get the full experience as intended without any hiccups.

Our experts provide thorough testing of the product, with top quality skills and software so that you can sit back hassle-free.

What do We Test?

At Testriq, our employees are professionals at their work and are trained to deliver exceptional results. Since globalization and localization testing mainly revolves around geographical and cultural aspects, the testing also incorporates it.

English might be a popular language, but many countries don’t understand it. Making sure there is effective translation without loss of meaning is key.


Time zones vary with different countries, sometimes even within countries. Besides time, date formats aren’t similar in every place. Careful attention to these things can streamline processes.


All unique to different places and with separate values as well. Constant fluctuating market value is also necessary to be kept in mind.


We make sure that the hardware and software are compatible with different local systems and setups. This will enable a smooth and comfortable usage


Certain things in one culture aren’t easily transferable to another culture. Testing the waters before deploying the content is crucial to diminish misunderstandings.


Verify code to make sure any language support is implemented with standards and allows use of assistive tools for accessibility and other purposes.

How do we test?

TESTRIQ is a place where precision and accuracy are constantly strived towards. We always keep the client’s requirements as a high priority and work around it.

When dealing with different countries and cultures, getting to first know the details of the place is critical. Acquiring this data can help as a foundation for the rest of the work and can reduce the chances of error.


Without a proper structure for any work, a breakdown is imminent. Maintaining a choreographed plan that has an efficient workflow setup is what changes the game.


Observation with real-time data and results is required when dealing with things like language, content, etc. The comparison of the two can improve quality and a fixed target can be put in place.


Ensuring a full and final rundown of the product and double-checking for any kind of error is another vital step towards successful testing.

Why Choose Us?

When someone bestows trust upon us, we at Testriq nurture it and transform it into a beautiful relationship that lasts for ages to come.
Never ones to back out of a challenge no matter how hard it is, as our dedicated and motivated team always put the client first.
In this world of technology and businesses, it is quite hard to find a company that provides the ideal Globalization and Localization Testing Services. Lucky for you we are just a call away.

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