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Agile And DevOps

Agile and DevOps Testing Services made easier with the assistance of TESTRIQ

Agility is the ability to learn and adapt to any changes that may be encountered. The agile software process is based on this quality. It is one of the methods used in the software testing process. The process focuses on a task and the way in which that task has to be carried out. It is used to focus on team collaboration, incremental delivery, continual learning, and planning as opposed to the traditional method that aims to deliver the services all at once in the end.

DevOps is an extension of the agile software process. It is a combination of the IT operations and software processes that help to reduce the software development life cycle and aim to provide continuous services that have high quality.

Agile And DevOps Testing Services are offered by a number of software testing organizations that help to provide the best services to the system users. Such software testing services are offered by us at TESTRIQ.

About the Service

Agile Testing is carried out based on the four phases. These phases are as follows:

It consists of initial tasks like scheduling resources, installing testing tools, etc.

Construction Iteration

Most of the testing is carried out in this phase.


This process includes releasing the tested products/ work successfully into the production system.


Once the testing has been completed accurately, the production system is responsible for deploying the system at the specified target.


Our DevOps experts provides help in applying updates, monitoring applications and scaling host infrastructure with constant communication with development team.


With 24×7 support, we monitor our client’s website on server level with real user interactions and synthetic monitoring tools so there is no downtime or business loss.

What and How do we test?


Agile testing is carried out in four ways; including Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Session-Based Testing, and Exploratory Testing.
Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)

They specify the system and its functions. They represent how a system will work from a user’s perspective.

Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

The process includes the creation of scenarios that are likely to fail and then build the functionality that would resolve the issue.

Session-Based Testing

Test charters are added with an aim to ensure that the software is tested comprehensively.

Exploratory Testing

Test designing and execution are carried out collectively.

DevOps Testing includes Source Control, Container Concepts, Continuous Integration, Orchestration, Infrastructure Automation, Cloud, Deployment Orchestration, and Deployment Automation.

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