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TESTRIQ QA LAB is your most reliable source for Data Migration Testing Services. We assure you only the best with our powerful team and have been enhancing our segment in the global network for a long time now. TESTRIQ allows you to get the best data migration services with the most expert and experienced team on board. With the specialized applications, you are easily connected to all the aspects of the concerned service. The strategy of data migration services is a broad one and needs to have proper planning. TESTRIQ gives you the total assurance to do the same with expertise.

Data Migration Testing – What and how do we test?

Here is a quick insight into how we work and have become an esteemed name in the market of Data Migration Testing companies:
Worried about the testing?

Questions may have jumbled up in your head on what are the tests made. We undergo the complete verification of the migration process to the new system and ensure the stability of data integrity. You are assured of zero loss of data where after the entire process, the particular functional and non-functional segments of the application are reconnected.

Know what we Test!

The expert team of TESTRIQ is always set to test the data, thereafter making a copy of the same and transferring it to the other device without any disruption. We are completely proficient in understanding the right target and ensuring where the data is going.

Get to know how do we Test?

Joining hands with TESTRIQ, you not only make yourself eligible to get the finest Data Migration Testing Services but we also let you know the entire process on how we test the data reports and come up with only the best. TESTRIQ has the best workforce to conduct post-testing after the process of migration is carried out on the first part. The complete output is taken to account ensuring the migrated units are apt to the context. We also verify the summary, considering the detailed information, leading to a brief comparison between the migrated units and the source itself.

Why Choose TESTRIQ?


When it comes to reliability regarding your business you always tend to choose only the best, right? With the dedicated workforce of TESTRIQ who are always passionate about your project, you get only quality assured services.

The total team of data management is available at your service all day long and ready to manage any sort of data being presented in any format.

Our experienced team is proficient in understanding your needs and ready to support you throughout. You also get the daily feedback from our team who will update you with the latest results.

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