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Best Manual Software Testing Services you can avail

The number of businesses expanding over to the digital domain is steadily rising, with a wider reach and numerous possibilities, who wouldn’t.

However, the multitude of applications and software that need to be implemented for digital growth can sometimes pose a challenge.

Without the right procedures, the entire system could break down, that is why testing of any software is important before implementing it.

We at Testriq provide advanced manual software testing services, which will make sure that no type of error occurs during the final product.

We believe that going back to the fundamentals can sometimes prove to be much more effective than an automated system, and human intervention can multiply productivity levels greatly.

How do we test?

Manual testing is a pivot on the lines of automation and manual, with a substantial addition of both. Here at Testriq, we have ample proficiency in both these methods and you get the best of both worlds.

First and foremost, an in-depth understanding of the functionality of the application is studied. What the end-user experience would be like and any other specifications are reviewed and analyzed.

Planning is where we as a team strategize a game plan and approach the entire process accordingly. Reducing ineffectiveness and increasing productivity.

The testing phase is the main stage where any and every type of bug is tracked, reported, and assessed. We have excelled ourselves in various testing methods like Functional, Non-functional, and Maintenance.

Rigorous and constant testing is key in maintaining an error-free application before the final submission.

Advantage of manual testing

Automated testing might have made manual testing obsolete but with the ideal skills and expertise, manual testing can be very effective. We make sure all checkpoints are ticked off before delivery so that you don’t have to deal with it later.

Major priority when testing an application is to eliminate any type of errors and deliver an acceptable product. Targeting these areas with precise testing protocols is advantageous.

The tester’s previous experience can also be utilized while approaching a problem and sometimes this can prevail over AI.

Ethical thinking is something that an automated system fails to possess. In many cases, this can prove to be of utmost importance and a key deciding factor.

A real-time tester can mimic an end-user’s experience and can use this data to their advantage. Making relevant choices and changes.

The biggest benefit is the ease of communication. When working with a client it is crucial to have to and fro exchange of ideas and implementations.

Why Choose Us?

With professionals who have had years of hands-on experience in testing web based, desktop, and mobile applications, our services stand out in this vast market.

Manual testing relies on the ingenuity and creativeness of a human being and our team of specialists is what you need to give your business that boost. Automation might have dominated our society but it is human reliability that we eventually come running to.

So if you are out looking for a company that meets your specific criteria, then look no further because your requirements are converted into our goals.

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