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An API or an Application Programming Interface is an interface in the field of computing that acts as a medium for other software intermediaries to interact with each other. It acts as a broker that delivers your request to the service provider and then delivers its response back to you.

API Testing Services include a number of benefits like speed and coverage of testing, Faster resolution time, Easier test Maintenance, and Earlier testing. It is carried out to ensure whether an API meets the expectations with respect to Security, Performance, Functionality, and Reliability.

There are many software testing services offering companies that carry out the testing operations on a number of software belonging to different domains and having different functionality. TESTRIQ is one such organization.

What do we test?

API Testing Services include a number of APIs that are tested. They may differ from one another in functionalities and the domains that they operate in. Some of the initial forms of API that are tested are as follows:
TCP/IP Sockets
RPC (Remote Procedure Call)
Web Services (REST and SOAP)
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)
DCOM (Microsoft Distributed Component Object Model)
EJB (Enterprise Java Bean)

The benefits of testing an API include Protection from malicious code, Time efficiency, Cost-effectiveness, Independent use of technology, and access to the application without a user interface.

How do we test?

APIs act as a bridge that is used for communication between different applications and third party services as well. The steps to carry out an API testing process are as follows,
Defining the Test Plan
Carrying out Manual API Testing with the help of a tool
Execution and Reporting the defects

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API Testing is categorized into four categories depending upon the requirement of the software or the client. These categories are as follows:

This testing process is carried out manually via the command line and a cURL command. It is executed when an API has to test a single endpoint by applying a single request and waiting to receive a single response or multiple responses.

It is the most commonly used form of API testing. APIs are at the center of integrating networks between internal and third party services and hence it is the easiest way to test an API.

It is carried out to ensure that the data being communicated between services remains within that network or channel itself.

It is carried out to understand and analyze APIs behavior under peak conditions.

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